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The purpose of the Central Plains Society of Mammalogists is to foster, encourage, and promote the study and conservation of mammals in the Central Plains region, which includes the states of Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Oklahoma.

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Society News
The 2014 Annual Meeting of the Society will be hosted by the Missouri State University at Bull Shoals Field Station in Taney County Missouri on 10 - 11 October 2014.

2014 Keynote Presentation

Dr. Lynn Robbins, Professor Emeritus Department of Biology Missouri State University

The Road to ‘Retirement’. Adventures, Detours, Highlights, and More Questions

ABSTRACT: It is difficult to determine when I actually determined my career path, or when it was determined for me by influences beyond my control. However, because of my obvious enchantment with animals at an early age, it was determined by friends and relatives that Veterinary Medicine was the only way to go. Freshmen chemistry and trigonometry made that decision mute. This talk begins there, jumping from budding herpetologist in the southwest to the Smithsonian’s African Mammal Project to Peace Corp to Grad School in Kansas and Texas. The influential people and places will be briefly discussed, but the reality was and is all about the animals. Not quite true, students made this ‘retirement’ possible. Together we answered many biological questions, and more importantly, defined questions that remain to be answered.

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Last updated 26 September 2014